Bicycle Built for (x)

Jadi Carboni Chirstopher WilliamsPerformance, kit for possible performances, and/or workshop for any number of performers (x) from any discipline.

Developed together with musician/composer Christopher Williams

Bicycle evolved from a reading of The RSVP Cycles, a 1968 manifesto on notation-based collaboration by visionary landscape architect Lawrence Halprin and dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin.

The project adapts to any duration, space, and number of performers (x) from any discipline. The unique conditions of each performance offer “resources”; participants combine them with portable resources such as texts, tasks, and objects, and map them onto an ad hoc score through which to improvise. The score and resources can change during the performance, creating an occasion to inhabit and (re)discover the perpetual evolution of the performative environment, the performers’ actions, and each other.