Teachings and bodywork

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." - Buddha

Regular classes: 

Tuesday at 17:30-18:30 at Sweetspot Yoga Graz - https://www.sweetspot-yoga.com/


Workshops November 2022 - February 2023:

1. Body Tuning Workshop Sa. 26 November 2022 13-17

Focusing on the well-being of the body, we look at the anatomy, learning some reviewed Qi gong and BMC practices, to explore them in through the space individually, with a partner and in the group.

80 €

For registration: Anastasia  tanzzentrum-anastasiaferrer.com


2. Permeable Touch #1: 20+21 January 2023

Fr.17-19; Sa 11-16, with 60 min lunch break, In Tanzhaus!

A sensorial kinesthetic journey, exploring the continuous dialogue between our inner and outer landscape. Assuming that the body is porous, transforming with its environment, the students will be refining their awareness, listening not only through their ears but through their entire skin while the body begins to talk about "this very moment".

To continue my research and continue our participatory performance in May 2023 for Landwirbel, I am organizing a workshop series every month, starting from January!

90€/ 80€ for Tanzgraz members

For January registrations : kontakt@tanz-graz.at 


Dancing is a tactile path 5-6 February 2023 - 10:30-18 both days!

The class will explore the different kind of touch and how they unfold unique movement qualities, that will offer us a wide variety of way to enter, maintain and release a contact dance. Looking briefly at Paxton's Movement of the Spine and the natural anatomical connections, we will refine our kinesthetic and proprioception awareness and improve our biomechanical movement abilities. We will experience and research skills of counterbalance, sharing weight and lifts to gather more confidence and proficiency in finding our solo and turning it into a duet, trio, or group improvisation.

For registrations: Verena verenamuh@yahoo.de


Inspired by the contemplation of nature, the study of human anatomy, the acknowledgement of the healing and creative power of movement and sound, my teaching develops through the integration of different dance-theater disciplines, voice training, and bodywork techniques.






Principles in motion – based on Release technique and BMC studies

This course proposes new pathways to practice and think about dance techniques, considering improvisation a fundamental element in every realm of life. From a place of non-judgment, where the body is receptive and aware, we explore our anatomy, alignment, dynamics, and qualities, in relation to physical principles, that organize the bodies in space - as gravity, buoyancy, synchronicity, complementarity, and pathways, through which the body moves  - homologous, homo lateral, contralateral. Becoming conscious of the resources that the body and the space offer, we begin to unfold effortless and more organic ways of moving, helping us stay receptive, versatile, and respectful to our body and environment. Aware of the continuous dialogue and influence between the inner and outer space, we integrate a more profound sense of oneness, refining our movement's quality versus the quantity of the actions we do. We focus on the space between movements – perceiving and enjoying the intervals, the suspensions, the pauses, which help us to develop momentum and biomechanical efficiency. I wish for every dancer to acknowledge the uniqueness and the amazing force of their bodies, to develop creative, efficient, and sensitive ways of moving.


Der Bau


Jadi Carboni workshop

The permeable Touch Lab

I Touch while feeling touched,

recognizing myself, the other, and the constant exchange between us.

Touch as an expression of apparent stillness, of a constant motion,

awareness, acknowledgement, change.

My interest is to explore the qualities and information that each specific touch carries to initiate and develop dialogues, dances, healing pathways.

This Lab is an exploration of the tactile sense through the body system and the Elements.

Our starting point is a dive into a deep state of awareness.

Focusing on the "in-tensions," we Reset Dance Connectionbecome conscious of the operating system, which shapes and nurtures the tone of our muscles, bones, skin, organs, and our experience of touch/and being touch.

Through Movement and sound we will explore the wide range of possibilities that our bodies have to offer. I developed scores and games, inspired by my contact improvisation, Body Mind Centering, Butoh, and Voice work experience. We will start from a simple touch, investigating the action of yielding, and from there, we will experience the rhythms, shapes of each body layer, developing their unique ways to move, connect, touch, and being touched.


Contact Improvisation – CIWorshop Athen

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance form based on the dialogue between weight, balance, reflexes, and impulses in physical contact between two or more bodies in motion. CI was first presented in 1972 at the John Weber Gallery, New York City, conceived and directed by the American choreographer Steve Paxton. Besides developing through a tangible exploration of natural bodily principles, Contact Improvisation is also a continuous exchange of ideas, curiosity, and questions, which allows humour, imagination, and new stories to be generated and shared across cultures, genres, and ages. In her Caught Falling, Nancy Stark Smith writes that there is no single definition of CI because, from the very beginning, it has been communicated primarily through dancing. For this reason, dancers and teachers collected their notes, descriptions and research to document their experiences, and in 1975 a Contact Improvisation journal was created, which still exists today, Contact Quarterly Magazine. The class I will be offering is fed by the Body-Mind Centering and Axis Syllabus studies, which I have been following for the past fifteen years. We will begin by finding our connection to the earth, allowing our muscles to become supple and resilient. We will then explore some basic skills and continue with different scores, to integrate the new discoveries into our movement patterns. The workshop will end with a long Jamming practice where we can enjoy our dances together.Worksop






YOGA CLASSES ( Individual or group session)

- Alchemical flow:

Each time inspired by the different moon's positions,   as a common denominator among all human beings, Alchemical Yoga Flow develops through the 7 Stages of Alchemical transformation - Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, Coagulation. The moon position will determine which Element the class will focus on and consequentially on which body system. Alchemical Yoga Flow combines the dynamic practice of the Vinyasa method, the spiritual path of the Hata Yoga and the dynamic alignment I learned through the study of more than 17 years of somatic practices, including Yoga Therapy Body-Mind Center and Klein Technique.

Jadi Yoga

Advance and basic level - 90 minutes


- Hata Yoga

- Vinyasa Yoga

- Dynamic alignment Pilates

After the first one to one session, I offer the opportunity to receive a personalized daily plan, to continue healing and improving by yourself.



Jadi Carboni dance teacher


MASSAGES - (individual treatments):

- Reiki - Deep tissues massage - Sound Bath - Treatments combination