Choreographer, Performer, Teacher:

Influenced by diverse dance, theatre, and martial arts disciplines, my research and practice are based on integrating the understanding of the body's functions and anatomical structure with the awareness of the sensory and intuitive experience of the self in time and space. Underlining the continuous dialogue between inner and outer space, I wish to dissolve the hierarchically oriented approach to movement to develop and share a deeper tactile consciousness. Movement and dance enable the perception of the continuous dialogue between inner and outer space, of the oneness of body, mind and soul. Using dance to produce kinesthetic empathy, I transmit and reflect commune dynamics to all human beings. Through the art of listening and perceiving, I aim to unfold the creative striking force of the body that can reveal the reality that dance is an available tool for universal growth.

Yoga, Sound healing and Bodywork:

With love and dedication, I wish to be like the clear water of the sea that reflecting the surroundings, it reveals the underneath.