About me

"From the breath, the movement arises, I follow the rhythm of my heart. Smelling, touching, hearing, I dance through each moment of my life. What truly vibrates in my heart, will move, transform and leading me through life."


Jadi Carboni bio


Jadi Carboni (Bologna 1981, Bologna) is a choreographer, dancer, body-worker, and practitioner of various performing arts and healing practices in which sound and movement become the medium for communication, discovery, and creation. Her choreographic and physical practice is inspired by natural forces and principles. She perceives the body as a continuum between the physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions. Jadi graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome, won a scholarship at the Venice Biennale to work under Carolyn Carlson, and continued her studies at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. She is currently completing a Masters in choreography at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz, Berlin.

Jadi has danced throughout Europe, South America, and the USA, with Kirstie Simson, Kathleen Hermersdorf, Stephanie Maher, Julyen Hamilton, Scottish National Theatre, Djalma Primordial Science, and Sasha Waltz.

As a choreographer, important projects include the award-winning dance video “Gravity Well”, the EU-funded artistic research project “On the Way to Immortality”, She works as a choreographer for the director Barbara Wachendorf to realize Youtopia, At the Sommerblut Festival, an interactive, interdisciplinary theater project, nominated  for  the Kölner Tanz- und Theaterpreise 2019..

In addition to her work as a choreographer and dancer, Jadi is a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher, Sound Therapist, and a prize-winning actress (” El Ray,” Barcelona Film Festival). She also practices martial arts, Qi gong, Aikido, contact improvisation, Body-Mind Centering, voice training, Sound therapy, Reiki, and Zen Therapy.


  • July 2020 - Dancing my Hero - Masters Project
  • January to February 2020 - “Permeable Touch Lab“
  • April 2020- “Dancing my Ero” - Solo Performance
  • December 2019 - Curator and artistic director of the event “The Permeable Touch” – interdisciplinary performance in collaboration with Hanna Schillinger and Ming Poon
  • October 2019 - “Synergetics”- a quartet in collaboration with composer Dustin Zorn
  • June 2019 - “Youtopia,” an interactive, inclusive theater project, nominated for the Kölner Tanz- und Theaterpreise 2019 - in collaboration with Barbara Wachendorf
  • June 2019 - “Der Blendende Glitzern “- Trio in collaboration with David Lima and Evangelia Papadopoulou.
  • April 2019 - “Gravity Well” - Videodance - winner of five Critics Choice Awards, and selected as a finalist for the Cine-dance Festival in Thessaloniki and Tipperary Dance Platform
  • 2016-2018 - “Bicycle built for (x)” - Ongoing research project in collaboration with composer Christopher Williams.