A dance performance by Jadi Carboni

 Suspension Study for Trisha_Brown 02

1.10.2022 15:30 + 17:00 / 2.10.2022 16:45 + 18:15

Location: Kunsthaus rooftop, Graz (meeting point: foyer)

Duration: approx. 45 min

Tickets: Free donation

The city is a constantly moving organism with which we have learned to cope. We automatically adapt our movements to its rhythm, while often reducing the experience to a bare minimum. Suspension can be translated as "tension," but it also refers to a moment of pause, reflection, connection, and exchange with the environment. In all its multiplicity of meanings, the state of suspension creates awareness and clarifies for us our position within the pulsating organism of our surroundings.

The rooftops of a city - between compacted ground and boundless sky - where one is able to take a distance from the dynamics of urban activity, are particularly suitable for suspension. As early as 1971, they became the settings for Trisha Brown's iconic Roof Piece, which premiered at the time on rooftops in New York's SoHo district and to which Jadi Carboni's piece is dedicated. The roof scape of Graz, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the "friendly alien" that has landed in its midst, offer the interdisciplinary dance quintet a unique backdrop to experience the urban space with all their senses and to enter into an exchange with it.

What do these moments of interruption offer us?

The performance is on-site, and broadcast live on screens in the Needle of the Kunsthaus. The footage from a 360° camera will subsequently allow the piece to be experienced elsewhere as an immersive video installation.

 Suspension Study for Trisha_Brown 01  Suspension Study for Trisha_Brown 02
 Suspension Study for Trisha_Brown 03  Suspension Study for Trisha_Brown 04

Choreography and concept: Jadi Carboni

Dancers: Jadi Carboni, Bruna Diniz Afonso, Shirin Rieser

Musicians: Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Christopher Albert Williams

Video art: Peter Venus

Costume designer: Alexandra Pötz

Technical direction: Valerio Zanini

Dramaturgy: Christina Lederhaas

Organization: Leonhard Rabensteiner


In Maya's Faces, we can witness the multitude of interpretations that life offers. Contrasting bodies appear from a warm red ocean, swirling, folding, unfolding. Each has something unique to offer that no one else can, complementing each other. While encountering similar experiences, the characters develop their own stories and paths. They express and inspire distinct emotions and ideas, while reflecting the essence of each being: a center of self and of all visions.

Maya's Faces

Māyā is a word with uncertain etymology and multiple meanings, as our lives are. We are physical bodies, minds and spirits. We are deeply connected and part of an integral life oneness; we are unique beings, seeking and developing exceptional abilities and ideas. Probably from the root Mā, nuance "to measure", Maya represents both the cosmic force, and the illusion, the appearance, where things are not what they seem. Maya is transcendental, universal and individual, including the three main attributes. The Cosmic Self, the Power of Self Limitation, where everyone sees the same world, perceived and expressed according to their own self-being. And the Power of Self Absorption, where the individual forgets to be part of oneness, the inner consciousness itself would be lost in pure being.

Maya's Faces

Maya's Faces






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Maya's FacesMaya's FacesMaya's FacesMaya's Faces






Maya's Faces

"Menschen, Figuren, die sich – vorerst kaum bemerkt – im und aus dem Alltag von einer Mauer, einem Beton-Trog, einem Schaufenster, von einer Bank lösen und sich zu bewegen beginnen: selbstverständlich, natürlich und nachvollziehbar; im Grunde von jedermann/jederfrau nachahmbar oder aus jedem/jeder sich entwickelnd – entwickelbar. Carboni kam im November 2020 nach Graz und wurde zu einer, die versuchen will, den zeitgenössischen Tanz in Graz sichtbarer, ihn nachhaltig erlebbar und „begreifbar“ zu machen. Sie ist nicht die erste mit dieser (schwierigen) Intention. Aber: ein Erfolg ist ihr zuzutrauen und - sowie der Stadt - zu wünschen." by Eveline Koberg read more >>