The permeable touch project

Jadi Carboni The permeable touch project


Touch as a gesture of offering, receiving, communicating. Touch as a tool for acknowledgment and recognition. Touch as a playful tool to meet and connect with respect and awareness.

A group of performers invites audience members and passersby to take part in a performative game: everyday rhythms change, slows down. Through movement, the body becomes permeable to the environment and others. What is the connection created through collective energy? The performance will deepen the relationship between the experience of the individual body and the social organism. Following the performance, the choreographer Ming Poon will discuss the development of dance in connection with his work in public space. He sees movement not only as a bodily movement but also a social one. In his work, he connects strategies of movement practice with elements of social experimentation to foster interaction and connection.


INTERVIEW & ASSISTANCE: Hannah Schillinger

GUESTS: Ming Poon and Berlin-based performers

A participatory Performance in public space, with artist talk by Ming Poon 

Saturday, 14 December 2019