Jadi Carboni Synergetics  Jadi Carboni Synergetics  Jadi Carboni Synergetics

Behind every body part, behind every movement and individual, there are basic geometric shapes, colors, and patterns which are common to the most diverse forms of life. The various combinations create endless variations of existing forms. Each form has a specific frequency, and each frequency has a specific dynamic and impact on other vibrating bodies.

Fascinated by the simple complexity of these principles, on which the Bauhaus movement and Laban's Space Harmony theory are based, we worked on a choreography and a musical composition inspired by the fundamental properties and characteristics of basic geometric forms. The goal is to make their interpersonal dynamics perceptible through the dancers and the room.

Concept and choreography: Jadi Carboni

Music: Dustin Zorn

Performers: Can Kahya, Lina Marie Rohde, Nastassia Tikhnovetskaja, Jonas Marx,

Light: Ismael Schott

Costumes: Cosima Winter

Photos: Martina Thalofer