Choreographer, Performer, Teacher:

Influenced by diverse dance, theatre and martial art disciplines, I aim to build a creative research-performative practice and efficient dance training. I want to share my artistic voice with the world, underlining the continuous dialogue between inner and outer space. I manifest the form to unfold its content. Exploring basic physical principles, I want to integrate experiential anatomical knowledge with sensorial and intuitive awareness. I wish to dissolve the hierarchically oriented approach to movement in order to develop a deeper tactile consciousness, also in the art of moving. Using dance to produce kinaesthetic empathy, I transmit and reflect common dynamics to all human beings. Listening to the space, to the rhythm of time, I unfold the creative striking force of the body; revealing the fact that dance is an available tool for universal growth.

Sound healing and Bodywork:

With love and dedication, I wish to be like the clear water of the sea: reflecting the surrounding, it reveals the underneath.