Dancing my Hero

Jadi Carboni Dancing my Hero

The Heroine dances, my body speaks: My Hero my body, who feels, who senses, who lets me live, unique and yet part of a whole in the cycle of life. A solo, danced by three women who embody different aspects of being a woman. They challenge and complement each other, as a metaphor for growing together. An offer to observe how our bodies reflect one another and the natural world, in an infinite cycle of transformation and renewal.



Choreografie: Jadi Carboni

Performance: Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen, Jadi Carboni, Anna Petzer

Assistenz: Lisa Zunftmeister

Dramaturgie: Susanne Gruber

Bühne: Jakob Blazejczak

Licht: Susanna Alonso?

Komponistin: Anna Petzer

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Deutschen Bühnenvereins.