Jadi Carboni Kreislauf

Kreislauf is a duet which investigates in the world of diversity, as a basic aspect of life itself.


Can we let the body speak?

Can we accept to see our own self reflection in another human being?

Do people meet for a reason?

What can we give to each other?


We play with our bodies, revealing their natural power, interacting with opposite

energies, shapes and actions.

We use differences to underline their merging potential, which lead us to find

unity and completion.

Invisible dimensions will become concrete by the interaction of qualities, physical structures and images, lightening up different level of awareness and sensitivity.

We will work with symbols, optical illusions, to allow the audience to capture the beauty and the authenticity of each moment.


Jadi Carboni KreislaufLife begins experiencing diverseness, through the contact of an individual

with the outside world. We avoid diversity, without considering, that we are born by the union of two basically different bodies, by the fusion of twocomplementary unit, which have opposite charge, shape and function.

Even though we live in a time where cultures, races and arts are in

communication with each other, we are constantly competing, in the fear of the diverse, the unknown.

The awareness of our unique personality’s potential and the recognition to be

part of the same human race, can give us the consciousness that development

and growth are given by the acceptance of differences, by blending our powers



Concept, choreography: Jadi Carboni

Dance: Philippe Rives and Jadi Carboni

Fotos and Video: Rainer Landau Dahlhaus


Jadi Carboni KreislaufArt Gallery Werkstatt Ev. 2014.